Week of November 25th

This week may be short, but we will pack in a lot! We will continue our study of Thanksgiving and celebrate with our Kindergarten feast on Tuesday afternoon. Please send in all items for the feast on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning, we will have our Career Day. Your child will learn about six exciting careers.

Please continue to read with your child and practice skip counting by 10s and 5s.

Have a great weekend

Week of November 18th

We are starting to learn more about the Thanksgiving holiday – its history and how we should be thankful. In language arts, we start learning more about the letters F and L, the sight words the, gray and and, and the -am family. In math we are focusing on skip counting by 5s and 10s. In Unit, we are discussing the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag.

Please continue to practice reading and writing and practice numbers and skip counting. Don’t forget to pack a snack for your child every day.

Have a great weekend!

Week of November 11

First of all, thank you to all of our veterans. Your service is appreciated more than you know. We know that freedom is never free.

This week we will be learning so much – the letters G and P, the sight words one, like and pink, the word families –ag and –ap, and the past and the present. In math, we will continue learning our numbers (counting, writing and building).

Next week we will start our unit on Thanksgiving. Please be on the look out for more information about our Kindergarten Pow-wow and Career Day.

Don’t forget, Monday is Spirit Night at the new Ladysmith McDonald’s. I will be there with my family and I hope to see you there!

Have a great week and keep practicing letters, numbers, word families and sight words. Also, keep practicing shoe tying.



Week of November 4th

It is hard to believe that it is already November! This week we will be learning about the word families -at and -an along with the letters C and V. Our new sight words will be am, it and green. I hope you are using your new flashcards at home.

In Math we will concentrate on the numbers 1-10 (more, fewer, less and same).

In Unit, we will learn about Virginia’s Native Americans – Pocahontas and Powhatan.

Please continue to review letters, shapes, numbers and sight words at home and when you are out and about.

Please don’t forget to pack your child a snack everyday.

Remember that Tuesday is a day off for your children. Sleep late and enjoy it!!!!

Have a great weekend!