Week of November 24th

We have an exciting two days planned for the week. On Monday, the children will explore different jobs on Career Day. We will learn about the letter O, the sight words four, here and are and the -in word family. In Math we will continue recognizing coins. On Tuesday, the children will participate in Buddy Reading Day with Ms. Scott’s 1st grade students. In the afternoon, we will celebrate the Kindergarten Feast. Thank you for donating all of the goodies to make our feast such a success.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of November 17th

As we count down to Thanksgiving, we  are still learning so much in November! This week we will focus on the letters D and Z, the sight words three, here and be and the -it word family. In Math, we will start recognizing coins. In Unit, we will learn about Thanksgiving Рthe history and traditions.

Next Tuesday, we will have a Kindergarten Feast. More information will be coming home about that.

Don’t forget about Homework journals.

Interims will come home on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


Week of November 10th

This week in Language Arts, we will be learning about the letters Q and K, the sight words two, in and blue and the -am family. We will begin learning about measurement and tools in math (longer, taller, etc). We will start a Unit on past and present.

Please continue to read and study sight words. I check sight word progress every Wednesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!