Week of April 27th

This week in Language Arts, we will learn about the -uck family, the sl- blend and the sight words this & what. In math, we will start fractions. IN Unit, we will start learning about animals that hatch.

Please continue to practice adding and subtracting at home.

The Bug Project sheet will come home on Friday, May 1st and will be due on May 8th.

Week of April 20th

This week in Language Arts, the children will learn about the pr- blend, the sight words eat and good. In math, we will continue adding and subtracting (You can practice with your child at home by adding or subtracting pretzel sticks, fruit snacks, cereal, etc.). In the afternoons, we will learn about Earth Day, recycling and natural resources during Unit.

Be on the lookout for a bug sheet to come home for our May Science project.

Please continue to practice sight words, rhyming, beginning and ending sounds, skip counting, counting and identifying coins and read every night with your child.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of April 13th

I hope you all have a safe and restful Spring Break! When we come back, we will be in full swing – In Language Arts, we will learn about the Pl- blend, the sight words they and make and the -un family. In math, we will start leaning about addition and subtraction. We will plant seeds and learn about plants in Unit.

Have a Blessed Easter and keep reading!