Week of December 14th

Busy! Busy! Busy! We are working hard to finish up 2015. In Language Arts we are studying the letter Ii, the words dear, class and love and the -ig family. In math we are continuing to skip count by 5s and 10s to 100 and counting backwards from 10-0. In Unit we are learning about Holidays around the world.

Please continue to practice our skills at home and read every night.

*****Early Dismissal on Friday – 12:45.

Encores for the week

Monday – Computer Lab

Tuesday – Library

Wednesday – Art

Thursday – Music

Have a merry weekend!

Week of December 7th

This week we are learning about the letter E, the sight words have, no, and play and the -ill word family. In Math we will finish up with ordinal numbers and start skip  counting by 5s and 10s. In Unit we will be scientists and do some fun experiments.

Don’t forget to reading and study popcorn words nightly.

Encores for the week –

Monday – Library

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – Music

Thursday and Friday – PE