Week of Nov 28

This week in Language Arts, we will be learning about the letters W and X, the -ip word family and the sight words but, for and that. In Math, we will start learning about ordinal numbers. We will learn about the Past and the Present during Unit time.

Encores for the week

Monday – Art

Tuesday and Wednesday – PE

Thursday – Library

Friday – Computer Lab

Week of November 21st

This may be a short week, but we are still working hard. In Language Arts, we are learning about the letter O, the -in family, and the sight words four, will, and are. In Math, we will review numbers. We will continue our Thanksgiving study in Unit.

Our Thanksgiving Feast is Tuesday. Thank you for all who signed up to donate items. Please have items at school by Tuesday morning. If you would like to help with the feast, please let me know.

Homework for the week – read Thanksgiving dinner with your child.

Specials for the week

Monday – Computer Lab

Tuesday – Music

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

Week of Nov 14th

This week in Language Arts, we will study the letters D and Z, the -it and -in families, and the sight words three, here, and be. In Math, we will learn about using our measurement instruments. We will continue learning about Powhatan and start learning about Pocahontas and Thanksgiving in Unit.


Monday – Music

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday and Thursday -PE

Friday – Library

Week of Nov. 7th

This week in Language Arts, we will learn about the letters Q and K, the -am family, and the sight words two, in, and blue. We will start our study of measurement tools (ruler, clock, thermometer, calendar and balance scale) in Math. For Unit, we will discuss changes over time and start learning about Powhatan.

Remember to bring in a baby picture on Wednesday. Remember to bring in a snack on Friday to weigh in the balance scale.


Encores for the week:

Monday – PE

Wednesday – PE

Thursday – Library

Friday – Computer Lab

Homework starts on the 7th.

Have a great weekend!