Week of Feb 27th

This week in Language Arts, we will study the -ed word family, the cl- blend and the sight words run and jump. We will continue telling time to the hour in Math using analog and digital clocks. We will start our Map study during Unit. (A map project is going to be assigned and due Thursday, March 9th.)

Specials for the week:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday and Thursday: PE

Friday: Library

Have a great weekend!

Week of February 21st

Happy Presidents’ Day! This week in Language Arts we will learn about the br- blend, the -en family and the sight words did and look. We will start telling time to the hour in Math. In Unit, we will start learning about magnets.

Specials for the week:

Tuesday and Wednesday – PE

Thursday – Library

Friday – Computer Lab

Please check your child’s binders every night. Please read and study sight words (popcorn words).

Enjoy your weekend!

Week of Feb 13th

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week in Language Arts, we will discuss the the bl- blend, the sight words he and find, and the -en word family. We will continue building and writing the numbers 11-20 during Math. We will learn about Betsy Ross, the Liberty, and the Statue of Liberty for Unit.

On Tuesday, we will have a Valentine’s Day celebration here the children may exchange cards. This is voluntary. If you would like to send in any treats or snacks that would be wonderful.

Specials for the week:

Monday – Library

Tuesday – Computer Lab

Wednesday – Music

Thursday is an early dismissal day for Parent’Teacher conferences. If you would like to sign up, there are times available.

Friday is a Teacher workday and Monday is Presidents’ Day. Enjoy a nice 4-day weekend!

Week of Feb 6

This week in Language Arts, we will study the /wh/ digraph, the -od word family, and the sight words she and funny. In Math, we will concentrate on the numbers 11-20. We will start our study of Abraham Lincoln during Unit time.

Please count with your child by 1s, 5s, and 10s. Please practice tally marks and coins.

Specials for the week:

Monday – Computer Lab

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Art

Thursday and Friday – PE

Enjoy your weekend!