Week of May 1st

This week we will in Language Art, we will learn about the -ay family, the st- blend, and the sight words there and out. We will review time, fractions, subtraction and symmetry during Math. We will continue learning about the life processes of the butterfly and the frog.

Specials for the week:

Monday – Art

Tuesday and Wednesday – PE

Thursday – Library

Friday – Computer Lab

The last homework for the year is the bug project. It is due Friday, May 5th.

Have a great weekend!

Week of April 24th

****Field trip is on Monday. Pack a lunch!

This week in Language Arts, we are learning about the sl- blend and the sight words who and was. We are continuing fractions in Math. We will start learning about life processes (butterflies, chicks, other insects, and frogs).

Specials for the week:

Monday and Tuesday – PE

Wednesday – Library

Thursday – Computer Lab

Friday – Music

Week of April 17

This week in LA we will learn about the sl- blend, the -uck word family and the sight words what and this. In Math, we will start fractions. We will learn about recycling during Unit time.

Specials for the week:

Monday – Library

Tuesday – Computer Lab

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – Art

Friday – PE