Week of Dec 16th

Even though it is a short week we will be busy learning about the Wh digraph and reviewing our word families and sight words in Language Arts, We will take a look at Holidays around the world during Unit. In Math, we will review patterns, numbers, and graphing.

Specials for the week:

Monday – Library

Tuesday – Computer Lab

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – Art

Winter Break begins on Friday, Dec. 20th.

School reopens Monday, January 6th.

Have a safe and happy Christmas!

Week of Dec 9th

This week in Language Arts we will learn about the Ch digraph and the -ig word family. We will continue our measurement study during Math. In Unit, we will start to learn about needs and wants.

Specials for the week:

Monday – Computer Lab

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Art

Thursday and Friday – PE

Have a great weekend!